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1,525 Classes

At the core of Oraysa is its schedule — learning an Amud each day for five days a week. For retention, Friday and Shabbos are devoted to Chazara — a hallmark of the Oraysa method.

Oraysa provides daily quizzes and reviews, as well as a library of relevant sources on each Amud.

The daily Amud of Oraysa is a simple idea which is helping thousands find the perfect balance between bekius and b’iyun in their kevias ittim laTorah, carrying the added benefit of retention and remembering one’s learning. The combination of learning at a pace that works, while retaining significant portions of learning, is a formula for satisfaction in learning, attainable to everyone.

The innovation of Oraysa has sparked a silent revolution throughout the Torah world. Thousands of people from every segment of Klal Yisroel have adopted the Oraysa mehalech and embraced it for their hours of k’vius ittim latorah.  To find out more visit or call 1855-4-ORAYSA