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Kollel Ohr Shmuel

692 Classes

Kollel Ohr Shmuel was established לעלוי נשמת הילד שמואל ז״ל בן ר׳ משה אליהו נ״י געלליס with more than 40 locations worldwide. The pre kollel chizuk shiur was established לעלוי נשמת הילד חיים ז״ל בן חפצי שתחי׳ אילוז may the countless hours of limud hatorah and the dissemination of these divrei chizuk be a continued source of nechama to their families and continued illui neshama for these pure neshamos.

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R' Uren ReichHashem Maximizes The Gift
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Kollel Ohr ShmuelR’ Motti Kesserman: Let’s Get Busy