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Bais Medrash Lutzk

1,125 Classes

Lakewood’s Lutzk shul, led by Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin, boasts an impressive membership of over 1,000 people. Between their steady mispallelim, kollel members, and others affiliated with the shul, they have an incredible reach and impact hundreds of people daily.

Lutzk is so much more than just a shul. They’re known for their strong sense of unity and welcoming camaraderie. Their diverse membership, with Jews from all walks of life, contributes to the unique sense of warmth and togetherness. No matter the hat you wear, the nusach you daven in, or the language you speak, you’ll feel at home in Lutzk. You’ll be welcomed as a brother and enfolded in the loving embrace of the Lutzk community. 

The Lutzk shul is in operation 24 hours a day and is in desperate need of funds to keep operations running smoothly. Past fundraising efforts have gone towards covering the cost of the building expansion, and now more funds are needed to continue with the daily upkeep of the shul and all the extracurricular activities it offers its members.

With people sitting and learning in Lutzk at all hours, the shul has taken it upon themselves to see to their physical and spiritual comfort. The positive, calm environment, as well as the fully stocked fridge, variety of coffee options, and a warm soup or piece of kugel on a cold night, ensure that everyone looking for a quiet place to learn feels immediately at home.

Not content with just providing for their adult members, Lutzk sees their youth as an integral part of their community. Their Shabbos morning group, avos u’banim, and pirchei groups are legendary for giving kids a love for davening, learning, and avodas Hashem. With weekly outings, fun programs and prizes, the Lutzk youth directors invest a tremendous amount of effort to provide our children with the best possible extracurricular activities in a Torah’dig environment.

CHAYEINU - Lutzk is the life of the community! It’s a place where Torah and chessed thrive. They provide hundreds of families with their lifeforce and a supportive, Torah’dig environment.

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