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R' Yosef Greenwald

3,424 Classes

Rabbi Yosef Greenwald serves as Rav of Khal Dexter Park, a young and vibrant community in Chestnut Ridge in the Monsey area, as well as being a well-known Dayan in the Greater Monsey area.He served as a Dayan for many years in Yerushalayim and Givaat Zeev,as well as being a popular lecturer in various Kehillos and on-line publications.His Shiurim and Derashos are known for their clarity,depth,and inspirational impact.

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R' Yosef GreenwaldBava Metzia Daf 115 Iyun
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R' Yosef GreenwaldBava Metzia Daf 114 Iyun
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R' Yosef GreenwaldBava Metzia Daf 113 Iyun