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R' Meir Kahane

353 Classes

Rabbi Meir B. Kahane is menahel of Chedvas Bais Yaakov in Yerushalayim. Rabbi Kahane has been at the forefront of Jewish education for over two decades teaching students of every level from front line kiruv- both rechokim and krovim- to Bais Yaakov and Yeshiva. 

With a mix of deep machshava and meaningful messages, Rabbi Kahane is one of the most sought after and dynamic speakers in the Jewish world today and has become known worldwide as a highly innovative educator with a unique grasp of what inspires today’s generation. 

Rabbi Kahane is also the author of the highly acclaimed "A Fire in the Darkness: Guidance for Growth when Life Hurts" based on the writings of the Piaseczner Rebbe in his monumental work Aish Kodesh, printed by Menucha publishers. 

Rabbi Kahane lives in the Maalot Dafna neighborhood of Yerushalayim with his wife and family.

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