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R' Ori Strum

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Rabbi Ori Strum studied at Mercaz HaTorah, Mirrer Yeshiva, Ner Israel of Baltimore, and he received his Rabbinic ordination from the Dallas Area Torah Association under HaRav Yerachmiel Fried shlit'a. He is the author of Ready. Set. Grow. (Mosaica Press), host of The Torah Sparks Podcast, and a content creator on the Meaningful Minute app. His favorite color is metallic blue and he has a knack for learning life lessons from the most random things. To join his Torah Sparks inspirational WhatsApp chat:

He can be reached at [email protected]

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R' Ori StrumA One Minute Personal Request
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R' Ori StrumWhat Time Did Your Seder End?
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R' Ori StrumWhy Jews Have No PTO