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R' Yonoson Roodyn

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Rabbi Yonasan Roodyn is a graduate of Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh and holds an honours degree in Government from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He studied for a number of years in the Mir Yeshiva and in the Jerusalem Kollel and was awarded a broad smicha by Rav Yitzchak Berkovits.  

He is the Educational Director of Jewish Futures providing the organization with guidance both on educational strategy and implementation, he works on developing new initiatives and synergies and is the program coordinator for the Aleinu conference bringing together Rabbanim, Rebbetzins and Mechanchim from across the country. 


He is also the Educational Director of Klal Chazon, developing and delivering attractive, compelling and innovative educational experiences and opportunities for teenagers in the Charedi community. 


Rabbi Roodyn is the Rov of Finchley Federation Synagogue, a member of the Federation Beis Din’s acclaimed ShailaText team, answering shailos in numerous areas of Halacha and the editor of Oneg Shabbos, an international weekly publication that provides a broad platform for Rabbis and educators.

He has led close to forty JRoots journeys to Poland and has recently developed a series of Jewish journeys to sites of historical and cultural significance across the UK.

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R' Yonoson RoodynResponsible Living (Avos 3:6)
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R' Yonoson RoodynThe Importance of Yom Tov Sheini
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R' Yonoson RoodynThe Safest Place To Be
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R' Yonoson RoodynLiving Life to the Max! (Avos 2:7)
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R' Yonoson RoodynThe More The Merrier? (Avos 2:7)
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R' Yonoson RoodynDon't Lose Your Head! (Avos 2:6)
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R' Yonoson RoodynA Tale Of Divine Providence and Human Intervention (Avos 2:6)
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R' Yonoson RoodynSee the Sounds of Sinai!