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R' Binyamin Lavian

905 Classes

Born and raised in Iran, Rabbi Lavian has since devoted his life to learning and spreading Torah to New York’s bustling Jewish communities. Since completing his studies in the Rabbinical College of America, under the tutelage of Rabbi Wilshansky Shlit”a, Rabbi Lavian has dedicated his time and efforts to promote the growth of the Torah study.

He received Semicha in Rabbanut from Hagaon Rav Pinchas Hiurshprung זצ״ל, from Canada, and Hagaon Rav Yisrael Pikarsky זצ״ל. Rabbi Lavian also received his Sepharadic Semicha from Harav Eliyahu Ben Haim Shlit”a.

For over two decades, Rabbi Lavian has served the congregation of Kehilat Shaarei Tshuva in Queens as well as the Persian community in Roslyn Heights. He remains one of the most illustrious and devoted leaders of the Persian Jewish community.

He currently teaches several online courses—ranging from beginner to advanced—that are accessible in both Iran and the United States. These classes are being recorded and available, free of charge, at

To donate, sponsor a shiur or dedicate for Liliuy Nishmat, Parnasah, finding Shidduch, Refua Shelema, contact Rabbi Lavian at 929-509-5738 or [email protected], please.