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R' Eliyahu Maksumov

486 Classes

An enthralling and mesmerizing passionate speaker, storyteller and educator that grabs his listeners with life applicable lessons and his engaging lectures! Rabbi Maksumov has a deep passion for teaching Torah and helping people become closer to Hashem. He spends countless hours sifting through resources to find the most powerful, enjoyable, and impactful information, to share with his students, to instill in them a desire to grow. He has worked with Chazaq, Time Out for Values, and currently teaches for EMET Outreach on college campuses and other EMET programs throughout the week. Rabbi Eliyahu Maksumov is also the head of the website.

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R' Eliyahu MaksumovThe DJ Flyer
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R' Eliyahu MaksumovShomer Negiah - The Magic Love Potion
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R' Eliyahu MaksumovThe Clever Thieves
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R' Eliyahu MaksumovBarkomsa
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R' Eliyahu MaksumovMentor