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R' Avi Bensoussan

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After recieving his Semihot in Issur v' Heter, Shabbat and Niddah as well as Shimush in Marot from R' Z.N. Goldberg zts"l and R' Yitschok Berkowits, Rabbi Avi Bensoussan went on to complete courses in substance abuse, marriage counseling, abuse counseling and special education as well as achieving his Masters in Education.

Rabbi Avi Bensoussan spent several years as first a Grade Dean in Magen David Highschool and then becoming the Director of Students for YDE Highschool.

Rabbi Avi Bensoussan is currently the Director of Minyan Shelanu in Lakewood, NJ. An organization that was created to help both the parents and children of the Lakewood community who are struggling with substance abuse and at risk behavior.

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R' Avi BensoussanPirkei Avot 2:4(b)- The Wills Of Change
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R' Avi BensoussanPirkei Avot 2:4(a)- Thank You Hashem
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R' Avi BensoussanPirkei Avot 2:2(C)-Step Up And Succeed
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R' Avi BensoussanPirkei Avot 2:2(B)- The Power Of Drive
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R' Avi BensoussanPirkei Avot 2:2(A)- The Unshackled Rabbi
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R' Avi BensoussanPirkei Avot 2:1(G)- Never Fall Again
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R' Avi BensoussanPirkei Avot 2:1(F)- A Moment With Aba Is A Lifetime