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R' Ephraim Epstein

498 Classes

Rabbi Epstein is currently the Scholar in Residence at the Jewish Federation

of Southern New Jersey. 

He aims to reach Jews of all backgrounds through classes, lectures, workshops, essays and articles sharing the glory, truth,

and magnificence of Torah and Klal Yisrael. Prior to this, he was the Senior

Rabbi at Congregation Sons of Israel, 

Cherry Hill New Jersey for over 

20 years.

Before that, he was the driving force behind the startup Center Program at

Ohr Somayach International in Yerushalayim where he delivered Shiurim on a

myriad of topics. He is a Talmid of Rav Berel Wein shlitta. Last year, he

published a companion Sefer to Shabbos Davening entitled Davening Divine.

You may purchase the Sefer at

Rabbi Epstein has lectured

in Oregon, Atlanta, Denver, Boston,

Houston, Chicago, Toronto, San Diego,

New York.... in shuls, Yeshivas and College Campuses. He is available to

visit your community to lecture and provide Davening Workshops. He is also a

certified Marriage and Family Therapist. 

To reach Rabbi Epstein you can

email at [email protected] 

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R' Ephraim EpsteinKnow Thy Origins
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R' Ephraim EpsteinContract vs Consequence
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R' Ephraim EpsteinIsrael at 76