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R' Shay Tahan

2,207 Classes

Rabbi Shay Tahan, a highly knowledgeable and experienced halachic authority, manages a bustling Beis Horaha, where he assists individuals with their halachic inquiries through various communication channels such as phone, text, and email. He has acquired extensive expertise in the world of halacha and has dedicated many years to studying at the esteemed Mirrer Yeshiva.

Rabbi Tahan's commitment to helping others extends beyond his Beis Horaha. He previously hosted a radio show on JRoot Radio, where callers could seek live answers to their halachic questions every Friday. Presently, he shares his wisdom and insights on the Kol Barama radio station in Brooklyn during morning broadcasts.

Leading the Shaarei Ezra Kollel at the central Bnei Yosef synagogue on Ave P and Ocean Pkwy in Brooklyn, Rabbi Tahan oversees the appointment of rabbis and sofrim who have undergone training in his kollel program. Additionally, he shares his knowledge through a weekly newsletter distributed in the United States and Canada, as well as by contributing to various magazines and websites.

Rabbi Tahan's dedication to spreading Torah extends to online platforms, with over 2000 recorded classes available on platforms like Torahanytime. For more information about Rabbi Tahan and his work, you can visit his website at or

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